Shapes of Diamonds - Princess

Princess Cut Diamond PhotoThe Princess cut is a square cut with sharp edges. It has very good fire and a high degree of brilliance. The princess cut utilizes most of the original shape of the rough diamond and the weight loss from cutting is low. As a result, its price is usually more attractive than a comparative round cut with the same weight.

This is a square or rectangular cut with numerous sparkling facets. It is a relatively new cut and often finds its way into solitaire engagement rings. Flattering to a hand with long fingers, it is often embellished with triangular stones at its sides. Because of its design, this cut requires more weight to be directed toward the diamond's depth in order to maximize brilliance. Depth percentages of 70% to 78% are not uncommon.

Princess Cut Diamond DrawingMost square or rectangular cuts just don't live up to the round brilliant for sparkle, but the Princess Cut was designed for getting maximum brilliance from a square cut.

Always ensure that the setting for your princess cut diamond protects the four pointed corners -- these are the points most likely to chip (and why most rectangular or square diamond cuts have cropped corners).

Length to width ratio: A princess cut with a length to width ratio of less than or equal to 1.05:1 will appear square to the observer. While a squarer diamond is the preference of many, some people prefer a slightly rectangular-shaped princess diamond.

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