Happenings in the Diamond Jewelry Industry Blog

Diamond: April's Birthstone
Dazzling and brilliant, revered by Romans and Greeks in ancient times, enjoyed by many today lucky enough to be born in the month of April.

10.09 Carat Fancy Vivid Purple Pink Diamond Auction
Christie's in New York City is auctioning a dramatic and rare Type IIa pink diamond.

Diamonds - A Scientific Explanation
Diamonds are carbon in its most concentrated form. Except for trace impurities like boron and nitrogen, diamonds are composed solely of carbon, the chemical element that is fundamental to all life.

Crack the Clandestine Code of Diamonds
Precious, brilliant and expensive—why wouldn't diamonds be a girl's best friend? When giving the most significant gift of a lifetime, most men, and even the women who receive them, know precious little about diamonds.

How To Choose Diamond Stud Earrings
Diamond beauty versus cost: What is the best combination? Better quality diamonds are more brilliant and beautiful, but they command higher prices as well. This article explains how to find the best value in diamond stud earrings: the brightest diamond for the lowest cost.

The 11 Most Famous Diamonds
Read about legendary diamonds like the Hope, Regent, Centenary, Orlov and Cullinan. Learn about their origins, history, ownership and more.